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What Is A2R?

A2R (Africa to the Rest) is a wake-up call for all God’s people of Africa and of African descent to arise to the new era of African missions to the rest of the world and Unreached People Groups. We long to see this moment of African Christian numerical advantage catalyzed into a global mission movement to God’s glory!

Should I Join?

A2R is for all God’s people, for all are called to be on mission with God. You might already be passionate about missions and hungry to know more and participate deeper, or you may simply be curious to discover God’s mission. This is the place for you! The A2R U-groups are virtual spaces to learn, grow, be challenged and fan your passion as a world christian, to fulfill the goal of making a people and a planet for God’s glory.

Beyond Joining, Multiply

In order to see an A2R, we want to invite you to not only start/join a group but also to replicate small groups. We know we have hit Movement status when we see at least 100 groups in the next 3-4 years across multiple streams down to four generations!

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How Groups Work

Regular Meetings

It is important that we are continuously growing in our relationship with the Lord as well as in relationship with one another. A2R small groups meet monthly for two hours to study the Bible, discuss a chapter from ‘Africa to the Rest,’ pray for one another, and offer opportunities to build lasting relationships.

Iron Sharpens Iron

A2R groups are word centered and we aim to help each other in reading, interpreting text and having stimulating and insightful dialogues about God’s mission and the mission of God’s people. We also aim to be accountable to each other as we journey together. Through regular communication and meetings.

Movement Mentality

Our goal is to multiply and spread the fire as far as the ends of the earth to reach the goal of A2R. Engage all with the hope that we will create enough laborers to finish the task. Found people find people and multiply disciples!

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