Harvey Kwiyani Book Review

I hereby congratulate the authors for the great work done. This book; Africa to the rest, is a very important material that you have managed to get into the hands of saints through your unmeasurable hard work. I am desperately looking forward to seeing Africa to the rest become available and accessible to the African diaspora and the world at large. I also extend my gratitude to everyone who has been involved in the making, compilation and finishing of this asset. We hope to see vibrant movements fill the face of the earth. Africa must rise all the way up to save the Rest from the hands of the enemy!

I urge everyone to get him/herself a copy of the book because it is the first of its kind. We know that we have been talking over the past few years about the rise of African Christianity and its importance in the conversation of mission around the world and Mission in Africa as a whole.  That conversation is gaining attraction and people are beginning to realize that the African church now is becoming the missionary Powerhouse of the world and also that African Christians are taking the gospel to all parts of the world.  Many of them are doing that not necessarily going through Missional churches but rather most of them are going through Work i.e.  people who’ve traveled to other countries to work and then planted churches not being sent as a missionary from one part of the world to another. It’s just Christian, migrants sharing the gospel. We see a very good example, with the Redeemed Christian Church of God from Nigeria. That is at the moment, active in 197 countries around the world. That’s a powerful missionary potential there. That’s a powerful missional movement.

Ghana also gives us the Church of Pentecost which is present in over 100 countries around the world and with that, we see a powerful rise of African Christians engaging in mission in the world; up and down across the continent of Africa and many other continents. I’m speaking to you from the UK, where we do research, informed that the growing part of the church in the UK  at the moment are mostly African part of the church, the African migrant church. So, this book as a resource really begins to tap into that conversation and we can begin to share and to show both the African church and the church around the world that Africans are here and Africans are here to play a big role. The time for the African to share a movement has arrived.

Another thing that amazes me about this book is that it is Research based. This book contains relevant historical information that can only be discovered after thorough research. The information reflects nothing less than brilliance. Kudos! our able Authors for the exceptional intelligence you have brought forth for us to also benefit.

One key thing that I must also touch on about this book is the fact that it is globally aware: The content of this “Trinity initiated” book practically concerns the African churches planted in and around the continent and the African diaspora scattered across the world. Everyone who comes into contact with this amazing work of Yaw and Sam will testify about the relevance of this book and will become aware of what God has done, doing and will do through Africa and its churches in and across the world. Not to forget, it reveals the practical tools needed to serve in God’s mission and thus a groundbreaking book for persons interested in missionary. I highly recommend this book to everyone including Missional leaders and organizations and students from every part of the world.

Its presence is a must in your bookshelf.

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