Africa To The Rest (A2R) Movement Gets a Boost with The Appointment of a New Chief Catalyst


In recent years, considerable attention has been drawn to the fact that Africa is the continent with the largest Christian population. It is estimated that there are currently over 660 million Christians in Africa.[1] The Pew Research Center projects that by 2060, more than forty percent of the global Christian population will call sub-Saharan Africa home, a significant increase from twenty-six percent in 2015 [2].

The challenge has been whether enough strategies are being put in place to ensure Africa takes advantage of its new position to ensure it is well-represented in global conversations, leadership, theologizing, boots on the ground, and missiological paradigms and praxis regarding the advancement of Christianity. Interestingly, the increase in African Christian population is occurring at a time when Christian populations are decreasing on other continents.1

Source: Gordon Cornwell Theological Seminary

The Pew Research Center estimates that Europe’s Christian population will decrease to 454 million by 2050, a 100 million decrease of the figure in 2010[3].

It is now being asserted that to further the global advancement of Christianity, the church in Africa must position itself to send missionaries to other parts of the world. The authors of Africa to the Rest: from Mission Field to Mission Force (Again), Dr. Yaw Perbi and Sam Ngugi, strongly argue for this in their book. They call for ‘preparation in order to produce the quantity and quality of African Christians who will be faithful carriers of the authentic Gospel to all nations.’ Their call, a re-echo of the Great Commission, places emphasis on carrying the gospel to peoples and places yet to be reached with the gospel.

It is with this divine call to mission in mind that Kwiverr is pleased to introduce Mrs. Angelina Adubiri-Gyimah as its Chief Catalyst of the Africa to the Rest (A2R) Movement. Angelina is spearheading efforts to achieve the vision of A2R:

A tidal wave of deeply transformed African Christians on the continent and in the diaspora comprising the largest missions movement the world has ever seen, flooding all nations with God’s glory.

In order to achieve the above vision, Mrs. Adubiri-Gyimah will have the mission of helping establish A2R’s seven missional communities: Supplication Groups, Student Summits, Social Media Groups, Study Groups, Supply Societies, Sent Networks, and Searchers and Scribes Groups. These missional communities are being formed to cause a tidal wave of A2R movements that impact the ‘Rest’—the remaining unreached peoples and places in the world. Angelina is responsible for the success of the movement and will lead the search for other A2R Movement catalysts. Working together with the other catalysts, Angelina is to ensure that at least a hundred A2R missional communities that have reached at least the fourth generation across multiple streams are formed over the next 3–4 years.

Angelina, a West African from Ghana, brings a wealth of experience from the cross-cultural Christian missionary world to the role.  She served as the Operations Manager for Love Heralds International (formerly Footworks International) from 2019 to the first half of 2021. She planned and coordinated the organization’s major events, such as seminars, stakeholder conferences, and charity events. She coordinated Love Heralds’ international stakeholders, including those from Tanzania, Kenya, Togo, the USA, and Germany. From 2015 to 2019, Angelina served as the National Coordinator for Love Heralds International Tanzania, where she mobilized volunteers and also trained and discipled permanent leaders for the organization. Prior to this, she served as the organization’s Senior High Schools and Universities Coordinator.

Angelina describes herself as a goal-oriented, self-motivated lady with a strong passion to win souls for Christ. She desires to contribute to the empowerment of people, especially the youth, through the sharing of God’s word and to use her skills to ensure the spiritual and physical growth of individuals.

Angelina holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. She is happily married with a daughter.

The team at Kwiverr and A2R wish Mrs. Angelina Adubiri-Gyimah a wonderful tenure of Kingdom advancement and indelible impact.

By Kojo Amissah, Chief of Staff.

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