What Prominent Leaders Say About ‘Africa to the Rest’ (Part 3 of 3)

“Indeed, this is Africa’s karios moment! Hitherto, it has been others defining Africa’s place and describing Africans’ role in God’s mission, narratives that are often cast in the prescriptive mode of the outsiders’ perspective and relativism. I am very much excited and blessed of the Lord to now begin to see the place and role of African followers of Jesus Christ and believers in the mission of God in the divine enterprises being highlighted and aptly articulated by ourselves; not by outsiders. I am therefore particularly grateful that in and through Africa to the Rest, Sam and Yaw have taken up the gauntlet to prosecute the efforts to awaken the African Church to her divinely-apportioned place and role in God’s mission, especially in times like these when the global Church is looking to the African Church, along with their Asian and Latin American compatriots, to lead and set up the standards of Christianity in the 21st century. I very strongly recommend and endorse Africa to the Rest firstly to my African brethren to rekindle in our hearts the zeal for God’s mission through, in, by, and from the African Church, and then to every believer who appreciates that God’s mission is for and about every tribe, tongue, and people coming to embrace God’s love for the world through His Son, Jesus Christ!”

Rev. Dr. Reuben Ezemadu

Founding International Director, Christian Missionary Foundation

Continental Coordinator, Movement for African National Initiatives (MANI)


“Reading this book has brought to the fore my own deep-seated belief in the African contribution to the REST of the world—the involvement of the African in the grand story of salvation in biblical history. The research done by the writers is very deep and wide. I pray that God will use this material to change the mindset of many who through distorted history have turned their back on God’s salvation and encourage many more to reach out in

missions without any prejudice. God bless Yaw and Sam for allowing themselves to be used by Him to do this. May we all be found counted in history to have contributed to the mission of God in bringing His salvation to His world, that is, to all humanity.”

Romeo Bugyei

CEO, IT Consortium, a Ghana Club 100 Company


“Thank you Perbi and Ngugi for embarking on this much needed resource. It is a clear, long-awaited argument for an Afrocentric missiology that sets the record straight by giving an accurate account of the global missional contribution of the church of Africa. It is also a great work that finally places Africa in the centre of mission history by recognizing Africans’ prominent role as bearers of the gospel. One of the most significant contributions of this work is that it encourages African diaspora Christians by outlining the tremendous opportunities available to them, and challenging Africans in the diaspora in general to passionately join the biggest cause of our time, God’s global mission. I love how Africa to the Rest shines the spotlight on God as sender, and provides a good assessment of where we are currently, gives an understanding of the missional attitudes we should all possess, and offers practical solutions of how to get involved in global mission. It is obvious by this resource, that Africans, no matter where they are, are no longer bystanders, but active participants in the global proclamation of the gospel. Well-done. My prayer is that Africa to the Rest will be a tool that the Lord uses to launch millions of African diaspora believers into the harvest.”

Lloyd S. Chinn

Global Director for Africa, WorldVenture

North America Diaspora Coordinator for MANI


“This is a book for Africa and the “rest.” Yaw Perbi and Sam Ngugi have placed African missions at the centre of what God is doing in the world today. They have both written from their experiences as African Diaspora Christians and listening to the Holy Spirit as they moved into becoming Global Christians. This book has brought African history and African mission praxis together, the Great Commission is the central theme. This is not only informational but may also be used as a group Bible study to think and dive deeper into understanding the role African mission leaders can and are playing, and exploring possibilities for greater involvement by both the African and global church in God’s mission.” Rev. Esme Bowers South Africa, Executive Director for Church Engagement, World Evangelical Alliance MANI leadership team , Founding member of African Women in Missions Network “I so much love the “again” in the title!”

Rev. Prof. John Azumah

Founding Executive Director, The Sanneh Institute, Ghana


“In this excellent book, Yaw and Sam make a significant contribution to the literature on Christian missions. With the right tone and an elegant style that is highly accessible, they shed light on the often-overlooked part that Africans played in the spread of the Gospel in Africa and beyond. They also insightfully and courageously identify current potential and persistent problems in Africa’s participation in world mission before offering a biblical and well thought through roadmap for the future. I see in this serious work, a benchmark for other research to bring to light other voices that have been overlooked or intentionally silenced in the work of the gospel in Africa and elsewhere. I highly recommend this book. My prayer is that it would stimulate a constructive dialogue on the meaning of “Africa to the rest.”

Rev. Prof. Justin-Robert Mabiala Kenzo, PhD

Professor of Theology, Ambrose University, Alberta, Canada

District Superintendent, Christian & Missionary Alliance Denomination, Quebec, Canada

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